Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyors are best suited for packed items of varying sizes. These conveyors can either be of Idler or Powered, Accumulating or Non-Accumulating, Chain Driven, Linear or Curved etc.,



  • Modular Design - enables quick and easy assembly.
  • Sleek, Elegant, lightweight Aluminium track and ground supports.
  • MS or SS Rollers.
  • Also available - 90° Curve Tapered Rollers to ensure smooth flow.

Application Areas:

  • Packaging Line.
  • Assembly & Testing.
  • Warehousing .


  • Spur to merge loads in to main streams.
  • Stoppers (Pneumatic / Electro-pneumatic).
  • Deflectors, Pop-Up units for assembly lines.
  • Cross transfer for perpendicular transfer.
  • Lifters .