Equipments for R&D Labs


Mechanical Precision jacking system for supporting magnets used in the large hadron collider for CERN. A set comprising of 2 Nos. controls and 1 No. radial support to the magnet weighing 32 tonnes. A large quantity were manufactured and shipped for the LHC Project.



  • Establishing intricate castings and forgings.
  • Sourcing electro less nickel plating conforming to class III and severity.
  • Development of rigs for load testing at various sub assembly stages and at final stage.Execution carried and on a specifically designed conveyorised assembly line meeting ergonomical requirements for small batchproduction. Innovative assembly gadgets introduced to ensure consistency of parameters.



Design and Manufacture of Hagar Telescope for Indian Institute of Astro-Physics. Cluster of 7 Telescopes Arranged in a circular array. Installed in Hanle Ladakh at 4200 meter altitude.




  • Establishment of Duplex Worm with Increasing axial Pitch.
  • Backlash free worm-worm wheel.
  • Tracking speed of 15 arc – second / second.
  • Site installation at high altitude .


Design and Manufacture of 80 cm Schmidt Telescope for Aries Nainital.




  • Spherical primary mirror, which is 80CM in diameter.
  • A CCD is placed at a focal length (521.72mm) of the Primary.
  • Meniscus located at 345 mm from the primary.
  • Nunn corrector lens system located at 1,110.57 mm from Primary


  • Machining of Heavy Components like Mount, Tube, Primary Mirror cell and Gear Box to an accuracy of 0.03mm.
  • Complex machining of Tube Housing – Complexity due to Shape & approach for machining.
  • Alignment of south & north bearings to accuracy of 1 minute Arc using Theodalite.
  • Alignment of Tube Housing, CCD Housing and meniscus assembly axes within 0.1mm.
  • Proving sensitivity of Radial Supports and Axial Supports to an accuracy of 15 gms.
  • Alignment of ball screw & nut mechanism of CCD assembly to avoid vibrations / jerks.