Equipments for Defense

1.Dual Target Motion Simulator

Scope of Work:

Interfacing for the X-Y stage, the local interface with the building and construction of the support frames and rails


The job mainly consists of:

Z-axis rail system: Dual frame for support of ACH X-Y stages Cable power drag for Z-axis movement Motors, drives, Brakes, Hydraulics, Laser sensors, Power and control system Project.



Manufacture, Supply and Installation & Commissioning of Abrading Machine.


System consists of:

  • Supporting Structure Assembly:- MOC IS 2062 Weight: 4000Kgs.
  • Boom Assembly :- MOC Aluminum & SS Weight: 200Kgs.
  • Linkage assembly:- MOC SS304 Weight: 60kgs.
  • Carriage Assembly:- MOC C40 Weight: 800Kgs.
  • Roller Stand :- MOC IS 2062 Weight: 4000Kgs.
  • Hydraulically Operated System.


Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation & Commissioning of Bowl Cleaning System.


System consists of:

Bowl Holding Arrangement – 600 lit & 1200 lit

Load Capacity: 6 & 12 tons

Tilting Angles: 135 Degree

Forward Motion : 300mm

MOC: SS 304

Bowl ID: 1283/ 1676mm


Bowl Cleaning boom Assy – 600 lit & 1200 lit

Axial Length- 1550/1800mm.

Hydraulically Operated System.