Waste Fuel Handling & Processing


Development of 7 degrees of freedom, powered robot for unmanned operation inside cell having active nuclear waste handling process.


Various degrees of freedom:

Longitudinal Traverse - 9700mm.
Cross Traverse - 5000mm.
Main Vertical traverse axis - 3000mm.
Main roll - 360°C endless.
Secondary Roll - 360°C endless
Main Pitch - ± 120°C
Secondary Pitch - ± 90°C.
Gripper movement - 150mm.


The pay load at end effector is 100 Kg. Load lifting capacity at Main Vertical axis is 1000 Kg.



  • All parts with nuclear grade Stainless Steel.
  • Totally concealed design.
  • Remotely controlled and maintained by means of another manipulator.


Design & Manufacture of Vessel for dry storage of Nuclear Waste.



  • Procurement of 100 / 50 / 26 mm thick SS 316 L Plates.
  • Rolling of SS 316L Plates of thickness 26 / 28mm<./li>
  • Forming of dished ends with thickness 28 mm.
  • Welding of Shells as per ASME Section –III / IX. Shell Dimension ID 2300 mm x 5041 mm Ht. x 26 mm thk.
  • Radiography testing of all butt joints and Ultrasonic Testing joints where ever RT is not possible.
  • Development of forgings (SS 431) of size Dia. 2600mm x 1000 mm thick involving Radiography and Ultrasonic testing.
  • Development of ring forgings (SS 431) to size 2400 mm OD x 2000 mm ID x 70 mm thk. with hardness of 400 BHN.
  • Machining of Grid Plates with 300 bores of size 76H12 with positioning accuracy of 25 microns. Size of Grid plate Dia.2300 mm x 40 mm thk.


Design and Manufacture of Unmanned vehicle for remote maintenance of Pumps in Highly Radioactive area.