Equipments & Sub Assemblies for Nuclear Island



Manufactured and supplied to Nuclear Power Corporation Ltd, for installation in 220 MWe PHWR Reactor. Function includes loading of new elements, shuffling of in-use elements for optimum placement and unloading of spent ones. Works mechanically through electro-hydraulics in the reactor vault. Two heads perform the programmed tasks in a synchronized manner.



  • Works in a vault with 15-20 Rems/hours radiation level.
  • Performs cycle uninterruptedly   ensuring high reliability.
  • Complete interchange ability for spares and replacements.
  • Gives a minimum life of 35 years  of ope.
  • Establishment of Critical Forgins


Manufactured and supplied over 1700 nos of these subassemblies. These are employed for encasing fuel elements inside coolant channels of the 220MWe reactor. Works on the principle of mechanical face locking between metal to metal. Functions include retention of fuel elements, creation of a barrier between heavy water and vault environment on either side of each of the coolant channel.

An exclusive in-house facility created to ensure conformance to stringent specifications. A dedicated machining and inspection line employed for non-contamination of carbon steels. Assembly and cold run tests using dedicated fixtures in clean environment



  • Works in coolant channel directly facing active heavy water having 1000Rems/hour radiation levels at 175°C temperature.
  • Has mechanical feature to facilitate unmanned robotic handling by fuelling Machine Heads.
  • Performs uninterruptedly ensuring high reliability.
  • Withstands a test pressure of 90-110 kgf/cm2 in sealed condition.
  • Have assured interchange ability at component level and full assembly level.
  • Development of Thick Nickel Coating on Stainless Steel.


Supplied over 150 Windows for applications like Reactor Building, Spent Fuel Handling & Spent Fuel Reprocessing.

Kaiga Atomic Power Project 8 Nos
Rajasthan Atomic Power Project 8 Nos
Tarapur Atomic Power Project 8 Nos
Bhaba Atomic Research Centre 154 Nos
IGCAR 21 Nos


4.Reactivity Control Mechanism

Design, Manufacturing & conducting life Test on the product. Employed to control the Nuclear Reaction inside the Reactor.



  • Establishment of 100% Radiographic Quality Castings.
  • Machining of Gears of high quality.
  • Establishment of Test Facility for 100,00 cycle Test.



Manufacture and supply of Tanks for storing Liquid Sodium for Fast Breeder Reactor Programme.



  • Rolling of SS 304LN Plates of thickness 06 to 20 mm.
  • Forming of dished ends with thickness 08 to 34 mm.
  • Welding of Shells and Nozzles as per ASME Section –III.
  • Radiography testing of all butt joints and Ultrasonic Testing joints where ever RT is not possible.
  • Finalization of Knitted Wire Mesh and Design to meet Customer requirement.
  • Braze Welding of C11000 Copper Fins external to the SS 304LN Cold Trap instead of Brazing technique.
  • Facility creation for Lead Pouring activity.
  • Nuclear clean hall facility creation for Assembly of Wire meshes into the Cold Trap.
  • Laying of Heating Cables on the Cold Trap.